Agrievolution Summits are held in conjunction with global agriculture industry events at rotating world locations approximately every 18 months in order to share

information, bring focus to global industry initiatives and collaborate with world agriculture leaders on relevant issues. Summit participants include Alliance partners,

 manufacturer, dealer, invited associations, government officials, academia, top level farmers and other agricultural stakeholders.

Italian ag equipment association UNACOMA first hosted an Agrievolution Summit in Rome in 2008. Summits were hosted by U.S. equipment manufacturers’ association AEM

 in Orlando in 2010, by French association AXEMA in Paris in 2011 and by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry in New Delhi in 2013 and by

 TARMAKBIR in Istanbul.

One hundred and fifty industry leaders shared dialogue on Eurasian market opportunities, global expansion strategies that worked for other companies and technological

 trends and solutions around the world at the Istanbul Summit held in conjunction with Agro Eurasia, International Agriculture and Agricultural Mechanization Fair.

 Presidents, CEOs, government officials, academics and delegates from groups like World Bank and FAO took the opportunity to forge new relationships and build

 collaborative opportunities.

2017 Agrievolution Summit

Sixth World Summit on Agricultural Machinery

The Asian Perspective: Cooperation among industry, research and best practices in global farming

October 25-26, 2017 Wu Han, China

The China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association (CAMDA) will host the Sixth World Summit on Agricultural Machinery in conjunction with CIAME Chinese

 International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition in October 2017 in Wu Han, China. The Summit will again provide excellent educational content – in particular for small to

 mid-sized manufacturers – as well as opportunities for connection with local and regional distributors.


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Agrievolution summit recommend Hotel: InterContinental Wuhan hotel (from the airport, subway, line 2 change to line 6 in jiang han road, then get off in  WIEC north

 station (wuhan international exhibition center), exit C)

Address: No.666 Qing chuan Boulevard, Han yang District, Wuhan, Hubei, P.R. China

Tel: 86 27 8484 0000


The special price of the hotel for summit is ¥800 RMB/night, October 24-27.

Other time, the price of the hotel is ¥1400 RMB/night. or more. 

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