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The Agrievolution Alliance is the global voice for agriculture equipment manufacturers, representing more than 6000 companies around the

 world. Made up of 14 organizations, it was established in April of 2012 to establish one strong, unified voice for the industry and to enable

each Alliance association to serve its members better through shared information and worldwide collaboration on issues affecting all of us.

 The Alliance was launched on the shared belief that in today’s global agricultural economy, it is crucial that current issues and future

challenges be viewed from a global perspective and be addressed on a global basis

Agrievolution Summits are held in conjunction with global agriculture industry events at rotating world locations approximately every 18 months in order to share information, bring focus to global industry initiatives and collaborate with world agriculture leaders on relevant issues. Summit participants include Alliance partners, manufacturer, dealer, invited associations, government officials, academia, top level farmers and other agricultural stakeholders.



2017 Agrievolution Summit

Sixth World Summit on Agricultural Machinery

The Asian Perspective: Cooperation among industry, research and best practices in global farming

October 25-26, 2017 Wu Han, China


The China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association (CAMDA) will host the Sixth World Summit on Agricultural Machinery in conjunction with CIAME Chinese International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition in October 2017 in Wu Han, China. The Summit will again provide excellent educational content – in particular for small to mid-sized manufacturers – as well as opportunities for connection with local and regional distributors.


Some reasons tell you why you should come to the 6th agrievolution summit in Wuhan China

1. It is a good opportunity to know Chinese agriculture, agricultural machinery industry policies, agricultural machinery products, the sales network and the request of direct clients. And it is also a meeting for communicating and sharing experience on the development in China.


2. Chinese government provides the agricultural machinery subsides when the farmers purchase agricultural machinery. This policy is very influential, both for the agricultural machinery production and sales. The Ministry of Agriculture, the agricultural mechanization department of MOA, the agricultural machinery promotion center and testing center of MOA are the most important administration for all kinds of agricultural machinery policies in China. We will invite the officials who come from the units above, as well as those who are from the provincial bureaus of agriculture, the provincial agricultural mechanization administrations, the promotion centers and testing centers to attend the summit. This is a good opportunity for the Chinese officials to know foreign products and technologies. That will help them to make the relative policies which are good for importing the right foreign machinery for Chinese agriculture. The foreign companies could use this occasion to propose and communicate with Chinese officials and to promote their products.



3. We will invite top 100 Chinese dealers and the top 50 Asia dealers to attend the Summit and to communicate with the enterprises in this summit. The foreign companies could meet and match with the best Asia and Chinese dealers on this summit.


4. We will invite agricultural officials or agricultural counselors of African countries to Summit to meet and match with the manufacturers.



5. At the same time of attending the summit, you could also participate China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition 2017 (CIAME 2017), which is the biggest agricultural machinery exhibition in Asia. The exhibiting area will be 220,000 square meters, and there will be some 2000 exhibitors, as well as 130,000 visitors to attend it. 40% of the visitors are dealers which cover 90% dealers in Chinese market. You could find your partners and dealers by this exhibition.


6. We will invite 600 academicians, professors, researchers, experts… to the Summit. They are all very influential for Chinese agricultural machinery industry policy and technology developments. They are also important for education and for advanced technology and products promoting.



7. We will invite Chinese nation-class agricultural machinery cooperatives to attend the summit and they will meet the foreign companies.


8. You could also attend other forums and seminars or visit the agricultural machinery live demonstration.



9. For knowing Chinese agronomy and agricultural machinery, we will visit a farm.


10.       We have simultaneous interpretation for the Summit; meanwhile, you could hire the personal interpreters for commutating and visiting the exhibitors. We offer also the travel agency service, rental car service… you could find more information in the information counter. As Wuhan is an international city, the international transportation is very convenient. The hotel and conference center locate in the rear of the exhibition center. You could participate the summit and visit the exhibition by one time. And there is also subway station just near the exhibition center.



11.      We will invite the journalists of professional agricultural machinery media from Europe, Asia and other places of the world to promote this Summit and to interview the attendees.


12.       For the attendees, we could help you to reserve the intercontinental hotel which locates rear from the conference center. You could also have better prices than usually.




Agrievolution summit recommend Hotel: InterContinental Wuhan hotel (from the airport, subway, line 2 change to line 6 in jiang han road, then get off in  WIEC north station (wuhan international exhibition center), exit C)

Address: No.666 Qing chuan Boulevard, Han yang District, Wuhan, Hubei, P.R. China

Tel: 86 27 8484 0000


The special price of the hotel for summit is ¥800 RMB/night, October 24-27.

Other time, the price of the hotel is ¥1400 RMB/night. 

if you need reserve this hotel, please choice yes in the registration form.

The meeting will be provided with English interpretation. For special needs, the site also offers paid translation services. 

 If you need personal interpreter, please choice yes in the registration form. 

We offer a farm visiting the 27th OCT. if you would like to participate, please choice yes in the registration form.